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Pawsitively Awesome! 🐾 At All Cats Design, we're a bunch of quirky creatives cooking up visually wow-worthy experiences that dance with all sorts of projects. We team up with you to whip up mind-blowing digital adventures, whip-smart web wizardry, and custom designs that match your every quirk.

Our collaborative and thorough design process ensures every project is approached with care and attention to detail. We help clients captivate their audience and elevate their brand to the next level by creating experiences that leave a lasting impression. 🎨🐱🚀

What do clients say about us?

Their creativity, expertise, and warmth make them a pleasure to work with.

We have had a wonderful experience working with the All Cats team to design, launch, and maintain our company website, and new branding materials. They are collaborative, responsive, and provide excellent tutorials, equipping us to update the day-to-day website ourselves. They have a knack for interpreting our design requests to deliver a professional and appealing version of our vision. And their creativity, expertise, and warmth make them a pleasure to work with. ”

Kate Ross, Project Coordinator

Their designs consistently exceeded our expectations.

I had the pleasure of working with All Cats Design on multiple projects, including website development, social media posting, and brochure design. Their bilingual capabilities were a huge advantage in reaching a broader audience. The team is extremely talented, and their designs consistently exceeded our expectations. Their ability to understand our needs and communicate effectively made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. I would highly recommend All Cats Design to any company looking for high-quality design work and excellent customer service.”

Alice Zhou, General Manager
1 Week

Discovery Seminar

We will review the information provided by you/your platform/company commission in order to gain a deeper understanding and implement it accordingly.

1 ~ 2 Week

Logo Presentation

Our team specializes in creating customized and distinctive visual symbols that embody the essence, values, and identity of businesses and individuals.

1 ~ 2 Week

Comprehensive Branding Solution + Associated Collateral Development

We develop a visual identity for your brand that effectively communicates its essence. We customize every aspect based on your brand's fundamental principles, intended audience, and industry environment. Our Associated Collateral Development ensures consistency across various points of contact by creating a cohesive collection of collateral materials. This guarantees that your brand message remains strong and coherent, making a lasting impression on your audience.

1 ~ 2 Week

Style Guide Onboarding

We create concise guidelines for layout, composition, and communication. These guidelines help ensure that your brand is consistent across a variety of materials, from business cards to websites and social media. We use examples and visuals to make sure that everyone understands how to use the guidelines correctly, and we work closely with stakeholders to ensure accuracy. Our style guide is an essential reference for maintaining brand cohesion and helping teams apply the brand identity effectively, even as the brand continues to evolve.

1 Week

Navigating Ideas for an Engaging Online Presence

We're taking a step-by-step approach to assist you in creating a captivating online presence. This involves defining your unique brand identity, setting clear goals, and showcasing a curated portfolio of your best work. Be sure to prioritize responsive design, interactive elements, and easy navigation for an optimal user experience.

1 ~ 2 Week

User Experience (UX) Design

Our UX design process focuses on creating a website that is user-friendly, engaging, and aligned with your brand's goals. We accomplish this by analyzing user behavior, conducting usability testing, and regularly optimizing the design based on feedback and data.

1 ~ 2 Week

UI + Website Visual Branding

We create a user interface that's easy to use, with clear navigation and interactive elements. We also make sure that your website looks consistent with your brand, using elements like logos, colors, and typography that reflect your identity. This creates a website that's both functional and engaging, giving you a strong online presence that resonates with users and leaves a lasting impression.

1 ~ 2 Week

Website Development

Our developers code and integrate design elements to create functional websites. This includes front-end work for the visual interface and user experience, and back-end tasks for server-side functionality and databases. They use programming languages and tools to build user-friendly and adaptable websites that align with the website's goals.

1 ~ 2 Week

Website Onboarding

We offer tutorials and guides to help users become familiar with a website's features and functionality. The tools highlight key elements and assist users in navigating through the website's layout and features. A successful onboarding process improves the user experience by reducing confusion and obstacles, while increasing engagement.

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