Coach Bill Hart


Coach Bill Hart


New York

The initiative

Project strategy, UX research, web design (IA, IxD, UX/UI design, prototyping, animation), coding, content strategy, design production, digital TOV.


Thirty years of combined coaching and interviewing many of the most productive and effective individuals in the country gives Coach Bill a full pallet with which to paint lessons and stories of success.


Creative director, UX/UI designer, interaction designer, project director, project manager, coders.



The entire website is centered around Bill Hart, featuring a series of introductions ranging from his extensive professional background to his courses and podcasts. The website incorporates various animations to enhance the visual experience, ensuring that these animations are not only optimized for the web but also provide a seamless presentation of content on mobile devices.

The Style Guide

The website's background is set in black, creating a more immersive atmosphere, while the use of yellow and red serves to highlight key thematic content, providing a visually focused and stylish experience. We have also redesigned the website's icons and forms to maintain consistency and expandability throughout the site.